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How every #GameOfThrones episode has been discussed on Twitter

See how popular each character was, and the emojis used to described each character. In the visualization below, each circle represents a character with its size proportional to how often the character was mentioned in the Tweets and color representing affiliation of the character. The most used emojis for each character are displayed under the character name.

See how the characters relate to each other. When two characters are mentioned in the same Tweet, we infer that there is a connection. The thickness of each line indicates how often the two characters were mentioned together.

See which part of the plots were talked about. Plots, in a way, are connections between characters. Clustering the characters based on the connection effectively reveals the different storylines in each episode, and helps us spot the parts that caught the most attention. The cluster color also represents affiliations, so you can see different groups making their moves.

Explore. Drag circle around to change position. each character to see amount of mentions over time and recap related to the character from current episode. Select another episode and see the visualization changes.

Source: Tweets containing keywords related to HBO's Game of Thrones, measured from each episode's original air time to 24 hours afterwards. We extracted characters that are mentioned in the Tweets and emojis frequently associated with each character. The recaps are from Wikipedia. See our blog post for details. After initial release, we have added data for season 6 episode 7-9 and also revised the character detection to increase accurary. As a result, previous episode data for several characters, including Jon, Daenerys and Ramsay, have been updated.