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The Goals of #EURO2016

In a football (soccer) tournament, it is all about goals. Goals decide the matches, and make the crowd go wild. With Twitter data, we can gauge the excitement caused by each goal by looking at the spikes in Tweet volume. This visualization shows every goal in #EURO2016, when it happened, who scored it, and the corresponding reaction on Twitter.

Each circle is a goal and its color shows how it affected the score: take lead , equalize , extend gap or reduce gap. a goal to see the match.

Source: Volume of Tweets per minute in every match of UEFA EURO 2016, measured from the kickoff time to three hours afterwards. We normalize the data to show volume as percentage of all Tweets in each match, weighted by volume of Tweets in that match compared to other matches. Spike detection algorithm was applied to the time series and goals are snapped to the nearest spikes.